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Ann Jowers

Providing Service Since 1961

Jowers Tax Service was started in 1961 by Clydos Jowers, but most everyone knew her as Ann. She was the first woman to ever file taxes for a major tax corporation. She ran the business out of her home in Brownfield, TX where she began with a whopping six customers. Her business continued to grow as she advertised solely by word of mouth. She always said that, “if you do a good job for someone, then they will tell someone else, and that is the best type of advertising you can get.” She welcomed her daughter, Joanna, into the business in 1988. The two continued to work in great harmony until Ann’s retirement in 2011 after 50 years of service. But she just couldn’t stay away, so she could be found sitting in the front area of the business to greet her long-time clients as well as welcoming in any newcomers!